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Snorkeling Packages

Coral Island Snorkelling Trip.

-On this unforgettable Snorkelling trip you will stop at 5 different, beautiful snorkeling locations, including the immensely popular Malang Rock Formation, Coral Bay, 2 other locations near Coral Island and finally Soyak Island. If you love snorkelling, want to huge varieties of beautiful fish, turtles, sharks and of course, beautiful coral, then this is the trip for you.

Price: RM 70.00 per Person, RM 35.00 Children (4 – 12 Years old). Under 4 years old Free of Charge.

-Departure Morning Trip: 10:30 AM, until 02:30 PM

-Departure  Afternoon Trip: 02:00 PM, until 06:00 PM

*Departure time can be changed to a different time if your group is big enough and if agreed upon with the captain.

Round Island Snorkelling Trip

-On this wonderful Snorkelling Trip you will visit the beautiful bay of Kampung Juara, climb and swim in the wonderful Waterfall, go snorkelling at the gorgeous location of Renggis Island, stop for lunch at either Kampung Paya or Tekek and go snorkelling at Marine Park and Monkey Bay.

Price: RM 100.00 per Person, RM 50.00 for Children (4 – 12 Years old). Under 4 years old Free of Charge.

Departure: 10:30 AM, until 06:30 PM

Coral Island and Round Island Snorkeling Trip Promotion (2 Days)

Price: RM 160.00 per person, RM 75.00 for Children (4 – 12 Years old). Under 4 years old Free of Charge.

* A minimum stay of 3 Nights is required to book this promotion. You can decide on which day you want to do the Coral Island Trip and on which day the Round Island Trip, please inform us beforehand, however.

Special Snorkeling Trip (NEW): 

-On this new Snorkelling Trip you will go snorkelling at the gorgeous location of Renggis Island, stop for lunch and sightseeing at Tekek, then go snorkelling at the Marine Park and finally stop at Shark Point!!!

Price: RM 85.00 per person, RM 45.00 for Children (4 - 12 Years old). Under 4 years old Free of Charge.

Departure: 10:30 AM, until 04:30 PM

How to book any of the Snorkeling Trips:

* Please inform us beforehand on which day you would like to book the Snorkelling trip(s).

* A minimum of 4 persons is required if you want to book a Snorkelling Trip in advance. If your group doesn’t consist of 4 or more persons, then you can always ask us to check if there are more people who already booked a Trip for that date.

*Equipment is included. Lunch is not included.

*Have no fear. All of the Snorkeling trips above can easily be booked after you arrive at Salang Sayang as well.

Restaurant Packages

-BBQ Dinner Package

Price: RM 45.00 per Person, RM 30.00 for Children (4 - 12 years old).

                                             How to book any of the Restaurant Packages:

*For a BBQ Dinner a minimum of 2 people is required to book the package.

*Please inform us beforehand if you’re vegetarian, are allergic to something, or if you’re interested in any particular dishes.

*All the food served in our restaurant is Halal.

*If you don’t want to book a package, then again, have no fear. We have a menu as well and you can always come in our restaurant and just order off the menu. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and BBQ as well (BBQ during the night only).

* BBQ Dinners and other meal sets etc. can easily be booked after you arrive as well. You can even consult with our chef and/or restaurant staff if you wish to choose specific dishes and times.

*Please always inquire beforehand if the desired package is available for the dates you want to come. 

---Please make sure that you've read our Rules and Regulations before booking---

Packages for 
3 Days / 2 Nights and
4 Days / 3 Nights
 Children (4 - 12)
  RM 360.00
  RM 220.00
  RM 440.00
  RM 300.00

All-inclusive Package includes:

- Welcome drinks

- Accommodation (A/C Rooms, usually Garden View Triple and Double Rooms)

- 5 Meals for the 3D/2N Package – 2X Breakfast, 1X Lunch, 1X Dinner & 1X BBQ Dinner

- 8 Meals for 4D3N Package – 3X Breakfast, 2X Lunch, 2X Dinner & 1X BBQ Dinner

- 1 Coral Island Snorkelling Trip for the 3D2N Package

- 1 Coral Island Snorkelling Trip and 1 Snorkelling Trip to Renggis Island, Marine Park and more for the 4D3N Package.

*To book a package, please download and fill out this document (click here), or just copy the table below and fill it out, and E-mail it to [email protected] to check for package availability for those dates. 

Salang Sayang Resort
Booking Request
 Customer information
(please fill out the requested information below)
Full Name:
 Passport or I/C Number:
 Date of Arrival and Length of Stay:
 Type of Package you want to book:
 Amount of people (Adults, Children and Babies):
 Contact Information (E-mail and telephone number):
 Remarks (uncertainty about dates, amount of people, room types etc.):
 Further Questions:

*Alternatively you can call our reception  +6 09-41950200 or mobile number ( +6 013-7400318), contact us as, or even send just send us an E-mail to check for package availability as well. Please do provide us with the information above then as well.

*A minimum of 6 ( and a maximum of 15) people is required to book the all-inclusive package.

*The booking has to be confirmed at least 1 week prior to arrival.

*A deposit of at least 50% is required to confirm the booking.

*E-mail a copy of the receipt of the deposit, with your full name as stated on your Passport or I/C Card, to [email protected] Please include a filled out copy of this document document (click here), or the table above as well. Alternatively you can manually add the type of package, date and length of stay and the amount of people (adults and children) as agreed upon with us as well.

*See Payment options for further instructions on how to make a deposit

*The Check-out time is 12:00 PM.

*Ferry tickets can be booked online at . Tickets can also be booked by calling any of their contact numbers on that site, or by calling their office number ((+6)07-7994811). 

*Please always inquire beforehand if the desired package is available for the dates you want to come.

---Please make sure that you've read our Rules and Regulations before booking---

Contact Information:


[email protected]

-Salang Sayang Reception Phone

 +6 09-4195020

-Salang Sayang Chilly Mobile

 +6  019-3076424‬‬

 (Whatsapp possible!)

-Salang Sayang Fax

 +6 09-4195019 

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