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Rules and Regulations

(and norms and values)

We decided to update and more strongly enforce the following rules, so please, read them carefully.

Regarding Cooking

-Absolutely no cooking in the chalets, outside of the chalets, in our garden, on the beach or in the sea. Salang Sayang is a resort, this isn’t “Homestay”. Our chalets are not suited for cooking. It’s unsafe, our property and chalets can be damaged by your hands and we don’t want any accidents to occur. So please, don’t cook in the chalets.

-If you’re unsure what falls under the definition of “cooking”, please do ask us whether what you plan on doing falls under the definition of cooking or not. If you think you have to ask, however, it probably falls under said definition, so don’t do it.

-These are a few of the things you can “cook” in the chalets: Baby milk powder, Coffee and Tea, Maggi Cups etc. Again, ask us first if you’re unsure if what you plan on doing is allowed or not. Cooking rice or cutting fish etc. in the bathroom, definitely isn’t allowed.

-We do reserve the right to deny access to people who want to cook in the chalets, or bring equipment to cook in the chalets.

-We also reserve the right to kick people who do cook in the chalets, out of the chalets.

Regarding the amount of people in 1 Room

-Please see here for how many people our chalets are suited for: .

-Always inform us beforehand when you’re booking with us, be it online, via telephone, in person or when “walking in” with how many people you are coming and how many people are staying in each room. Adults and children (and babies). Yes, children and babies are people as well.

-We charge RM 30.00 per Extra Mattress for 1 Extra Person (no additional cost) and only 1 Extra Mattress is allowed per room.

-We charge RM 20.00 per Extra Person per chalet if you don’t want an extra mattress. Only 1 Extra person total is allowed per room.

-Again, inform us with how many people you are coming with beforehand. WE decide whether it’s possible and whether it’s okay or not. Not YOU. Booking a room for 2 people and then bringing along your wife, your 5 children and your mother to stay in the same room is NOT okay.

-If you just inform us beforehand with how many people you are coming, then of course we can arrange something. We won’t charge you for 1 or 2 babies or 1 small child extra, of course. Just inform us and I can tell you whether you need an extra room or not or whether we will charge you extra or not.

-If you do misinform us we do reserve to right to deny you access to the room if you don’t want to pay the extra charge or take an extra room and we also reserve the right to kick you out if you lie to us and do try to sneak extra people in.

Regarding Checking In and Checking Out

-The Check-in time is 03:00 PM. But if the room is available, we always let people check in earlier.

-However, If you actually continuously harass us, or our housekeeping staff, to hurry up, or continuously ask us when you can check in, even though it’s around 08:00 AM, then the check-in time will be postponed to 05:00 PM.

-The Check-out time is 12:00 Noon . If you do wish to check-out later, please do ask us beforehand. We will charge you an extra RM 50.00 per hour if you don’t inform us. If you do ask us, then depending on the ferry times, how busy it is or will be etc., we might say yes. The absolute latest check-out time we allow is 02:30 PM. Anything later than that will count as an extra full day.

-Of course we can keep your luggage etc. safe in our office before you check in or after you check out. We can also keep your valuables and passports etc. in our safe during your stay if you wish. We can also keep your keys when you want to go diving, snorkeling or jungle trekking etc. And we often charge phones and laptops etc. in our office as well, so that’s no problem either.

-If you do go on a snorkeling trip, or go diving (or any other long activity) on the day you check out, please do check out before you go if you know that you will be coming back past the check-out time. You can ask us beforehand if you can check out later in these scenario’s and if we say yes, there might be a charge of RM 20.00 per hour. And if we say no, the answer is no. If you still go regardless, we will charge you RM 50.00 per hour, or an extra full day if you check-out after 02:30 PM.

Regarding Garbage

-We provide small garbage bins for each chalet. However, if you have food (even if it's just leftovers or peanut shells), don’t leave it outside. It will attract monkeys and they will eat it and make a mess. - Many people put their small garbage bin in the room or just collect it in a plastic bag and then throw it away in the big garbage bins. Please follow their example. We do empty the garbage bins from the chalets, and the big ones, regularly, but all help is appreciated.

-Don’t litter. Don’t leave your garbage on the beach, in the sea, in the garden or anywhere except in the garbage bins. It will attract monkeys and it will destroy the forest, the sea and the coral as well. Don’t ruin the beautiful nature.

- Please put your plastic bottles and tin cans in the provided recycling bins.

Regarding The Chalets

-Please don’t leave the A/C, Fan, Lights or Water on in the chalets when you’re not using it or when you’re not in the chalet. Help us save the energy.

-Don’t steal anything or break anything on purpose, you will be charged. If you do break anything on accident, please tell us.

-If anything is broken or not working, please do not hesitate to tell us and we will fix it.

Contact Information:


[email protected]

-Salang Sayang Reception Phone

 +6 09-4195020

-Salang Sayang Chilly Mobile

 +6  019-3076424‬‬

 (Whatsapp possible!)

-Salang Sayang Fax

 +6 09-4195019 

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